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50 Jahre Biostatistik in Innsbruck

Machine Learning and AI in Medicine

Aligned with the upcoming 50-years birthday-celebration of "Sektion für Medizinische Statistik und Informatik" on Nov. 8th, I would like to draw your attention to our international keynote speaker, Mr.  Ben Van Calster. Ben currently works at KU Leuven (Department of Development and Regeneration) and LUMC Leiden (Department of Biomedical Data Sciences).

He has recently published a systematic review on the benefits of machine learning over (traditional) logistic regression for clinical prediction models (J Clin Epidemiol. 2019 Jun;110:12-22). In his presentation he will outline some issues in the context of  Machine Learning in Medicine and you will have the opportunity to discuss his findings afterwards.

We understand this presentation as a kick-off meeting to set up a cross-university wide "Machine Learning and AI in Medicine" SIG. Therefore I would kindly invite you and your team members to join Bens presentation and also join  the following seminars in this context.


Best regards
Georg Göbel

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