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Thoracic imaging

Team: Widmann G, Luger A, Jöbstl A, Schwabl C, Deeg J, Gruber L, Recheis W

The Radiology published follow-up study of COVID-19 patients (CovILD study) carried out together with the University Clinic for Internal Medicine II (CovILD study) for the systematic examination of post-inflammatory sequelae to the lungs attracted particular attention.

A first feasibility study in Austria to establish low-dose CT lung cancer screening in the Innsbruck/Tyrol region is currently being prepared with the NITOG - Natters Innsbruck Thoracic Oncology Group. The aim is, based on the evidence of the available data on lung cancer screenings and cost-effectiveness analyses, to develop a comprehensive lung health check program that, in addition to the early detection of lung cancer, also leads to the early detection of other lung diseases, such as COPD.

As a pionieering institution for use of AI-based texture analysis of lung pathology, qualitative and quantitative texture analyzes for the evaluation of interstitial lung changes are evaluated.

Other scientific projects investigate the value of computer-assisted density and texture-based pulmonary emphysema quantification and body composition measurements in patients with COPD.

To evaluate the value of different AI-based computer assisted detection tools, detetction rates and volumes of primary and secondary pulmonary nodules in CT and PET-CT are evaluated.

A project with the Department of Gynaecology investigates early detection of immunotherapy-associated pulmonary complications in breast cancer women.

Abb. 1. Density-based quantification of ground-glass changes in vasculitis.

Abb. 2. Texture-based quantification of different patterns in interstitial lung disease.

Selected publications

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