In addition, we have been able to make an intensive scientific contribution to the history of sonography in the following areas:

As one of the world's leading sonographic centers, we have been able to help shape important steps in the last two decades, particularly in sonographic and imaging diagnostics of the peripheral nervous system: our scientific team (the main designers were and are Bodner, Gruber, Loizides, Peer) has published over 100 relevant publications on this topic in mostly top-ranking journals. This excellence, which is often internationally significant, has also resulted in additional implications for sonographically targeted therapies:

With our new developments in sonographically targeted pain therapies, especially on the spine, we have now even been able to take the step towards sonographically guided surgical interventions, e.g. resolving specific nerve entrapment syndromes (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome).

Sonographically guided ligament splitting in carpal tunnel syndrome: (left part of the image) cross-sectional view of the median nerve (NM) and the ulnar artery (AU) with hyperechoic spot of the hook knife (arrow); (right part of the image) correlating longitudinal image during the cutting process of the carpal ligament with representation of the knife shaft (arrows) and the knife hook (arrowheads).

Furthermore with sonographically targeted aspiration therapies and biopsies (i.e. diagnostic aspiration cytology, punch biopsies, markings and sonographically targeted, diagnostic and therapeutic drainages), we have been able to make a significant contribution to the quality of biopsies and to the definition of, for example, correctly performed thoracic drainages with publications that have received highly lucrative funding. We hope to be able to continue working "hard on the wind" in the coming years and to continue to make a significant contribution to imaging in the above-mentioned specialties with our contributions.

Source: 100 Jahre Radiologie Innsbruck

Selected publications

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